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Technical article

Electronic crane safety assurance

Shenzhen Feiya weighing Limited (www.hzincity.com) electronic suspension scale in the manufacturing process, from the material to its manufacturing technology, product identification and safe use is the key to ensure the safety of machinery.
1, the quality of materials affect the safety of products should not be underestimated. 40Cr bar on the steel market, the different manufacturers have done analysis, the quality of the difference is still very obvious. For the lifting structure, it is not only to see its chemical composition and mechanical properties, metallographic examination is also necessary. The effect of the grain size of the steel and the grade of inclusion in the steel on the fatigue life of the structure is more obvious.
2, manufacturing technology is self-evident impact on the safety of machinery electronic suspension scale, mainly in three aspects the main force structure of the forging, heat treatment, machining parts, welding products may have large range. The scale of scale production enterprises are often small, often do not have the ability of forging and heat treatment. Need to select qualified professional manufacturers, and pay attention to strengthen the product acceptance link. Here a special emphasis on the processing of connecting thread. Electronic balance is mainly affected by the thread thread structure of the bearing force and straight shank hook on stress condition is actually quite close to the. Straight shank hook in the national standard requirements are detailed on the thread and the nut including material, heat treatment, machining and test methods and requirements. A number of electronic crane manufacturers only in accordance with the requirements of ordinary fasteners processing thread is not up to the requirements of the safety requirements of the lifting machinery.
3, product identification and safety instructions for use and maintenance. Electronic hanging scale as measurement, accuracy, measurement equipment manufacturing license and other related clear signs, illustrate the use of the relevant measurement is also very detailed. However, there are few lifting work level manufacturers indicated electronic steelyard, although electronic hanging in the national standard "provisions of electronic steelyard working in conjunction with the crane should be GB/T 3811-1983 4.1.3 to determine the working level". More than once found, users of electronic steelyard common in very frequent use of the crane, leading to the fracture accident.
Feiya weighing to remind you: electronic suspension scale process in the use of note about the safety of machinery, electronics and other lifting sling hanging pounds is different, usually electronic steelyard shell will mechanical structure and electronic instrument cover up, more attention should be paid to the correct operation in strict accordance with the instructions.



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