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  • Digital electronic truck scale
Digital electronic truck scale

Digital electronic truck scale

  • Product Name: Digital electronic floor scale (truck scale)
  • Product specifications: customized
  • Quality assurance: 5 years
  • Enterprise Mission: Your satisfaction, our motivation
  • Product description: FAYA-Shenzhen Feiya Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of scales, truck scales, patented forklift scales, electronic scales and other electronic scales. It is a large

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☆ main features
First, the digital communication technology
Using RS485 bus technology, to achieve long-distance signal transmission, transmission distance of not less than 1200 meters.
Output digital signal amplitude up to 3-4V, so that anti-interference ability, while improving the system anti-lightning ability.
Bus structure to facilitate multiple load cell applications, in the same system can be connected up to 32 load cells.
Second, intelligent technology
To prevent the use of simple circuit to change the weighing signal and size;
Can change the sensor characteristic parameter according to the instruction;
The memory capability eliminates the need for calibration after replacement of the sensor.
Third, the digital calibration technology so that the instrument partial eccentric load (four corners) calibration automatically completed once; so that the calibration of a weighing instrument to complete;
The scale factor and the zero value of the instrument can be changed as required, and the coefficients and zero parameters of each sensor can be changed.
Fourth, the fault diagnosis technology has the ability to diagnose the zero value of the instrument;
Has the ability to diagnose the change in the value of each sensor zero; has the ability to diagnose changes in communication of each sensor; has the ability to determine the address and number does not match the replacement of the sensor capacity;
With a variety of operating error message prompts.

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