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  • Movable weighbridge
Movable weighbridge

Movable weighbridge

  • Product Name: Mobile large loadometer (truck)
  • Product specifications: according to the requirements of custom
  • Quality assurance: 5 years
  • Business purpose: your satisfaction, our motivation
  • Product description: FAYA-Shenzhen Feiya Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of scales, truck scales, patented forklift scales, electronic scales and other electronic scales. It is a large
Functional characteristics:
1 high strength structure platform with a unique combination of structure, to achieve the greatest extent possible to achieve the degree of adaptation of the ground. The weighing platform slope by??? Technology combined with the bridge, said Taiwan, on the move can be reversed to a scale table, easy to move. Ultra low profile design, anti impact ability. Weighing platform and the integrated design of the slope, the appropriate climbing angle, the vehicle can be easily on the weighing platform;
2 high performance special weighing instruments: equipped with a micro printer, print weighing pounds single, can also be printed daily, including time, date, gross weight, net weight and tare. Equipped with high capacity weighing instrument storage battery, AC and DC, can work for a day or three; intelligent battery power, automatic shutdown protection battery; prevent over charging, the battery is full after more than 30 hours of continuous work overload; 130%F.S instrument will lock the overload value display; uninterrupted (Practical) clock: the real date stop function, number 500, tare storage, power-off protection; 1000 weighing record storage;
3 unique hydraulic lifting system and super heavy load mobile wheel, to ensure that the scale platform is flexible and flexible. Without any foundation construction, only a solid ground can be a solid cement.
4 high precision weighing sensor, the detection accuracy can reach a% FS + 2: static and dynamic 2%FS.

5 can be equipped with the traffic police department to check for overloading of vehicles, but also for the highways department to check the overload transportation software. And enterprise goods import and export weighing software

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