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Weighing instrument

  • XK3190-A15 (E) weighing instrument
XK3190-A15 (E) weighing instrument

XK3190-A15 (E) weighing instrument

  • The cumulative, cumulative display function;
  • The high precision A/D conversion
  • We call the code display easy
  • The valuation and counting function optional;
  • Product description: Product Description: XK3190-A15 (E) count and valuation instrument, with high accuracy and fast delta sigma analog-to-digital conversion technology and advanced software technology, suitable for elect
Functional characteristics
The high precision A/D conversion, the maximum number of 30000, counting accuracy higher than 1 / 10000;
The code calls convenient display, observation and analysis of weight tolerance instead of feeling;
The zero tracking range, zero (boot / manual), zero rate can be set separately;
The valuation and counting function optional;
The cumulative, cumulative display function;
The single sample / number of input random, counting accuracy of self correction function;
The A15 (LCD) mode optional backlight;
The A15E (LED) power saving display options;
The AC and DC, built-in 6V/4AH maintenance free battery, random charging;
It indicates the battery / status / real-time detection, with undervoltage alarm / shutdown protection function;
The selection of RS-232 communication port, baud rate optional;
technical parameter
The A/D conversion mode: sigma delta conversion
The A/D conversion rate: 10 to 20 times / sec
The maximum A/D conversion number: 24bit
Input signal range: 2mV ~ 13mV
Input sensitivity: more than 1 V/e
The sensor bridge power supply: DC 5V
The connection number of the sensors can be connected with 6 sensors: 350 ohms
The sensor connection: 4 wire
The verification of indexing number: 3000
The maximum number: 30000
The maximum resolution: 600000
The index value: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional
The display mode (A15): 21 LCD, 10 state indicator
The display mode (A15E): 18 LED, 10 state indicator
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