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Automatic weighing equipment

  • check-weigher


  • check-weigher
  • Digital signal processing technology
  • Automatic balance technique
  • All metals can be detected with high sensitivity.
  • Product description: Product Description: SCW-C type Checkweighers - COMBI combination system of all SCW series checkweigher can metal detector with an appropriate size combination, effectively saves the space, providing
SCW-C type weight checking scale COMBI combination system
All SCW series weighing scales can be combined with a suitable metal detector to save space and provide a complete quality control tool for your packing line. According to your product parameters, choose to meet the requirements of the inspection scale and metal detector combination.
Fiat COMBI system can provide metal detection and line weight detection with high performance, to meet the requirements of HACCP, ensure the quality of products.
Metal detector characteristics:
The digital signal processing technology
The automatic balance technology
- Product settings, simple calibration
It can detect all metal, high sensitivity
Can be automatic or manual calibration
The storage function of a variety of products
The feedback control function
The factory networking function
The printer: local or remote support
- optional remote display
The production data (data) upload / download function
The bar code reader input function
- through an external device remote product selection
- users may need to modify the software
It can provide network support and upgrade function
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